segunda-feira, 16 de março de 2015

Did you now that Jean & Jamey Jammies from GYCT is on sale today? You an grab the pattern here. And there's more... has a FREE pattern add on for a nightgown that you can get here, on the facebook group.
The Jean & Jamey ...
» Is a unisex pattern!
» Goes from 12 months to size 12!
» Perfect for all seasons (shorts or pants, short or long sleeve)!
» Options for color blocking!
» Great for begginers!
»  It's all in knit and so fast and easy that you will love it for sure!

But today I will show you the nightgown I've made... Or should I say nightgowns? 

The first I've made was with a short sleeve, perfect for summer. 

Reaches the knee, and isn't too tight nor too loose, just perfect to be comfortable!


For the second version I refashioned an old shirt, went with the long sleeve and color blocked the back of the nightgown. This was how I started!
I overlaped the bodice on the back of the nightgown pattern piece and traced.
 Cut all the pieces, and add seam allowance to the back bottom part, not on the back top pattern piece. Like the shirt was a medium size, I was forced to cut the front bodice without being on fold so I also add seam allowance here. This was how I ended...
But is was too white, so I thought some color would be nice! Tainted the top part and the neckline band with a light blue and sleeves and bottom parts in coral. Since it was a nightgown, asked my daughter to paint a dreamcatcher for an extra special touch!
Started wondering how to hide the seam in the front bodice and found this lace with the perfect color and some trim to match the dreamcatcher color!...
A few more stitches! And here everything lined perfectly!


sábado, 31 de janeiro de 2015


With so much going on lately, only now I was able to share my India with you. It's also an awesome pattern from SWOON, I confess my addiction!  

Love the relaxed look she has, the large strap is so comfortable, and she has bonus points, two different sizes and it's reversible! 
I've decided to start with the large one, that measures 14" tall, 10" wide and 4" deep. 
The small one is 11" tall, 8" wide and 3,5" deep.

To make India you will need:
  • 1 yard exterior fabric, 44” home decor or quilting cotton weight
  • 1 yard lining fabric, 44” quilting weight
  • 4 yards 20” mid-weight fusible interfacing
  • Two 7” all-purpose zippers
  • Coordinating thread.
And PATTERN of course!
I found some gorgeous fabric in a visit to Lisbon, and when I saw it, I knew it was for India!
I used the same fabric inside and outside because I like to see the inside of the strap matching the outside pocket!
The open pockets make her so practical and the zippered pockets are awesome to keep everything in order!
It sits comfortably at the waist.
I just love it! It's so roomy inside that can fit big books! I must make a small one for my little girl it will be perfect for sure! ;)

sexta-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2015


I have no idea why I've been waiting for so long to give Rosie from SWOON a try! I totally love her, she's PERFECT in so many ways!
Rosie is a crossbody bag, with an adjustable strap and has the right size, 8" tall, 11" wide and 4" deep. 

To make Rosie you will need:
  • 2/3 yard 44” quilting weight exterior fabric
  • 1/2 yard 44” quilting weight lining fabric
  • 1/4 yard 44” quilting weight contrasting fabric
  • 2 yards fusible woven interfacing (Pellon Shapeflex SF101)
  • 1/2 yard fusible fleece (ie. Pellon Thermolam TP971F)
  • One 1.5” strap slide and two 1.5” rectangle loops
  • Two 9” all-purpose zippers
  • Two yards 1.5″ webbing (optional)
  • Magnetic snap
  • Coordinating thread

While running through my stash I found a few gorgeous fabrics and everything lined up in my head! Grey for exterior, ladies for the decorative strip, pink for lining and made pink piping too.
But pink or black piping? Love both of them! Pink for a soft look... Black for a more subtle contrast... Decisions, decisions...So nothing better than to ask for a little help to my fellow Swooners! A great group full of supportive people! 
In the end black piping won! For exterior main fabric I choose a decor weight fabric, and the connectors and strap ended a bit bulky.  
Photos don't make her justice, I really like her!
Has exterior main fabric I choose a decor weight fabric, and the connectors and strap ended a bit bulky.   
I changed the lining, for one with small touches of red and full of thread spools to match her earrings and hair! 
Closes with a snap, so it's very practical and easy to open. It has a zippered pocket on the inside and it's very roomy!
On the outside also has a zippered pocket on the outside to keep anything you need to have on hand.
So you can have an idea of her size here you have her on!